Best Bites: Dishing it Up at Preston Hollow's Top Restaurants

This bustling cantina, spanning out over a cavernous two room space, dishes up modern takes on interior Mexican classics like cochinita pibil, a traditional slow-roasted pork dish from the Yucatán Península that dates back to Mayan times. You'll also find items like mole-bathed chicken enchiladas, as well as a lineup of tacos--think adobo brisket served on fresh white corn tortillas. Speaking of tortillas, the ones here are all freshly made by mixing dry white corn with water and lime powder, before resting overnight and being painstakingly ground into masa. The queso dip with roasted poblano peppers, fresh corn and nopalitos (cactus) is a must. As is the house specialty-- Budin Azteca, a Mexican take on lasagna with meat (or vegetables) and cheese sandwiched between layers of tortillas. It's Mexican comfort food taken to the next level. And truth be told, the avocado margaritas here (avocado puree, pineapple and lime juice, Cointreau and Don Ramon tequila blanco) are touted as the best in town.